Indigenous Author


In 'Secret of the Stars', Gitz Crazyboy takes us on a journey through Indigenous magic realism. The strange story of one boy's journey to find four fallen stars, to distant lands, the eccentric realm of dreams, interacting with people, places, Indigenous ancestors and then coming back again.

'Secret of the Stars' brings us back to an ancient and often forgotten place where dreams, ancestors and destiny intersect.


Gitz's Debut Novel

A young man's journey to find four fallen stars and all the wondrous places your dreams can take you.

"Secret Of The Stars" is Gitz's debut novel, an Indigenous focused book, discovering who we are as we are guided by the ancestral spirits and knowledge.  It's foundation is built on the journey one boy takes back to his roots.

For Gitz, it has always been the gifts and guidance of the elders and ancestors which can bring about new awareness and gifts. The story itself is also crafted as a modern legend, layered with parables and teachings and ultimately at the end a bigger reason for the journey. The aim as a writer is to bring the ancients into this new world in a manner in which we are not stereotypes or tropes and that they can still surprise us and have a lot to offer.

Overall it's to match what we believe to be true in our legends and have that sit equally with the worlds collective knowledge. But it's just the tip of the iceberg, Crazyboy's hope is that it inspires anyone to look back at themselves and love their roots.

It's also an Indigenous person writing about us and that our narrative hasn't been high-jacked by someone pretending to be who we are or changing the lens in which we perceive ourselves.