Alberta Student Sustainability Summit - University of Alberta.  March 1, 2018

This experience helped to reshape the students' perceived ideas and notions on treaties and what their importance is; historically, present day and what they will mean for the future.

"If you ever hear of Gitz holding this workshop, go. You won’t regret it." - U of A Ph.d Participant

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National News - APTN Interview - January 22, 2018

A Blackfoot/Dene author says his first novel has been more successful than he could have ever imagined.  The book, Secret of the Stars, made Amazon’s Top 10 best sellers in Native American literature.

APTN News caught up with Gitz at his first official book signing & discussion in Calgary.

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Calgary Independent Radio - University of Calgary Radio Station.               January 18, 2018

An in-depth interview with Gitz on's Native American Top 10 book list, 'Secret of the Stars'.

Enjoy great Indigenous music throughout, Gitz starts at the 1:19:11 mark.

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National News - CBC                                     17 Beautiful Indigenous Books for Kids January 9, 2018

According to the CBC article, "there has been a noticeable reclamation for Indigenous storytellers." 

Gitz's debut novel was selected for CBC's children collection and it was this prestigious and national endorsement that has since generated a lot of positive publicity on 'Secret of the Stars' since the article's release.  

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Australia's Ngaardamedia Radio Station - Addressing Indigenous Issues with Gitz.  January 24, 2018

A book review of 'Secret of the Stars' and thoughts on the controversy surrounding National Australia Day and various Indigenous topics.


Metis Podcast - The Jig is Up        January 17, 2018

This podcast was recorded at a local Calgary Indigenous-led book club called Chapters & Chat, hosted by 12 Community Safety Initiative

Hear the in-depth discussion on Gitz's debut novel, 'Secret of the Stars.'  This group consisted of mainly non-Indigenous readers and ages ranged from 10 to 75.  Find out why readers say this book, "is for the young and the young at heart."